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Police cracks down gang bringing weapons, ammunition from Albania to Crete

Greek police as cracked down a criminal gang that was bringing Kalasnikov weapons and ammunition from Albania to the island of Crete.

A big scale operation conducted by the Police Departments of Chania, Crete, and Igoumenitsa, West Greece, as well as the Greek Coast Guard managed to dismantle the illegal activity of the criminal gang involved in import and illegal trade of weapons and ammunition, the Police Directorate on Crete said in a statement

Arrested were 11 Greeks aged 31-64 and 5 foreign nationals.
They face charges for forming a gang and trafficking weapons and ammunition.
The gang had two “cells”, one on Crete that would give the order and one in Albania that would execute it. Two members aged 54 and 59 were assigned with the transport of the goods.

The 54-year-old driver was arrested on Saturday, when he disembarked from a ferry in Chania.

In car but also house investigations, police found a confiscated four Kalashnikov weapons, 122,566 cartridges for war weapons, sound flares, a big number of cell phones and other items that had to do with weapons.

Police suspects that the gang was in operation since November 2018 and had managed four similar weaons and ammunition “imports” like last week.
The profits from the illegal trade is estimated at 232,000 euros.

Police investigation continues.