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Tsipras tells Cretans he will seek WWII reparations from Germany

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on a campaign stop in Anogeia, Crete today touted his intention to seek German WWII reparation after a parliamentary resolution authorised the government to do so.

«After many years, the road to claiming these, following the report of the parliament committee, is open. Now that we are not under surveillance, we can demand a clear answer from the German government. We will proceed directly to issue a note verbale and will await Germany’s response before deciding our next moves [in accordance with] our debt to history,» Tsipras said.

Tsipras also touted a ministerial decision for the rebuilding and rerouting of the Heraklion-Anogia road, which has already been signed by the infrastructure minister Christso Spirtzis.

The PM said that about five million euros from the Public Investments Programme have been earmarked for the initial phase of the project, covering a distance of 3.0 km.

«I am glad that the rebuilding of the road will start soon and I will be here, not only to inaugurate the 3km section, but also to work together for the construction of the total project of 15km and to inaugurate it as a prime minister,» Tsipras said.