32-year-old message in a bottle found in Canadian lake

A man from Ontario, Canada, who found a 32-year-old message in a bottle on the shore of a lake said he could talk to the author of the message – although she has no memory of having written the message.

Larry Jones of Bobcaygeon said he was working on his property on the shore of Sturgeon Lake when he discovered a green bottle in the mud.

Jones and his wife Millie opened the bottle and discovered a letter written by a 13-year-old girl named Angela Vankerkhoven.

Vankerkhoven’s July 14, 1988 note said that she lived in Simcoe and visited the White Swan Cottages, which were located across the lake from Jones’ property.

Jones said he was contacted by Vankerkhoven after her mother saw a news report about his discovery. He said the woman told him she remembered visiting White Swan Cottages in 1988, but she had no recollection of leaving a message in a bottle in the lake.

Souce: UPI