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‘You are awesome’: Young Newcastle boy sends adorable letter to paramedics

Source: 9news

A young boy has sent a heart-warming letter thanking New South Wales paramedics for their work “keeping people alive”.

NSW Ambulance posted the adorable letter to Twitter written by Benjamin from the state’s Hunter region.

Benjamin said his school was tasked with writing to local community heroes, and his choice was the Newcastle paramedics.

The letter praised health workers for their efforts during COVID-19 and the day to day support they provide for emergencies.

Benjamin, from the NSW Hunter, sent this letter to Newcastle paramedics. (NSW Ambulance)

“I would like to thank you for helping us survive COVID and any other dangers like broken bones, or hard breathing and a lot more, so thankyou,” Benjamin wrote.

“You are awesome.”

“You do not care how far away injured patients are you still rush to save them.”

“You are really good at keeping people alive and how do you remember all your tools everyone is getting inspired by your bravery and kindness.”

“Thank you for being my hero.”

NSW Ambulance thanked the young boy for his sweet letter and their workforce.

“Thanks Ben,” NSW Ambulance said.

“A huge thank you to all of our team that continue to respond to the community in their time of need.”