World – Gaza: Retired U.S. Army colonel “American and Israeli special forces shot to pieces”.

Unconfirmed reports Retired, U.S. Army colonel, Douglas McGregor states “over the past 24 hours or so, American and Israeli special forces went to the Gaza Strip to conduct surveillance and determine possible ways to free the prisoners. They were shot to pieces”.

The expert added that not only could he not imagine an “Israeli” victory in one way or another, but he considered the conflict very dangerous for the United States itself because of the danger of war with Iran. According to MacGregor, US military power has reached its “weakest point” in modern history, and therefore the country is not ready to get further involved in a large-scale conflict. Earlier, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder confirmed the presence of American military advisors in Israel to discuss “planning” issues.

While the delays continue – is it possible that the US needs an indeterminate amount of time to prepare for, uh, war with Iran? Which is apparently a serious prospect despite its actual national security interest in going to war for Israel being minimal. Unconfirmed reports suggest that something bigger is in play. The size of military assets being dispatched to various regions of the Middle East and in the Eastern Mediterranean does not equate to handling Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The preparations in size, as well as potential military force suspiciously larger than the stated intentions. What’s happening with American aircraft carriers – CVN 71 Theodore Roosevelt left San Diego today, and yesterday CVN 72 Abraham Lincoln left the same base. Is the USA preparing for war? With whom?

Both U.S. and Israeli Officials have now confirmed that Prime Minister Netanyahu has Agreed to Delay the Invasion of the Gaza Strip until the U.S. Military is able to move more assets into the Region including at least 12 Air Defense Systems, for the Interception of Cruise and Ballistic Missiles as well as Rockets and Drone, which are set to be spread across multiple Countries in the Middle East including Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE.