Unsuspecting Pedestrians Trigger a Dance Party By Standing on Decal That Says ‘Stand Here For Dance Party’ (WATCH)


What do you get when you surprise random people with an unexpected dance party on the streets of New York?

Pure joy, community, and connection.

The inspiring street performance group Improv Everywhere placed a decal on the pavement in a park that read, “stand here for dance party.”

Ari Scott for Improv Everywhere

Designed in the style of the ubiquitous social distancing circles, most passersby ignored it, or took photos, once they read its appealing message.

But whenever anyone followed the instructions and put their feet directly on the decal in Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan, they instantly found themselves surrounded by a 100-person dance party featuring a vintage 1980s boombox.

The group that specializes in large-scale surprise moments in public was eager to get back to their joyful antics, so they kicked off their first post-pandemic project by partnering with a fully-vaxed professional b-boy dance crew, the Dynamic Rockers, and the Museum of the City of New York, which opened a new music-themed exhibit—New York, New Music: 1980-1986.

100 undercover dancers recruited by Improv Everywhere were blending in the area, walking around the sidewalks or sitting on benches, just waiting for someone to stand on the decal, triggering a massive dance party.

Ari Scott for Improv Everywhere

Music immediately began blaring from Kid Glyde’s boombox as he walked from around the corner and up to the unsuspecting person to get the party started.

The people standing on the sticker were shocked, but quickly got on board with the fun.