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This week’s NUGAS update

“Καλώς ορίσατε ξανά στο πρόγραμμά μας!”

As an introduction, Ta Leme is the official radio show of NUGAS – the National Union of Greek Australian Students – running every Tuesday from 8 to 9pm!

Thanks to our friends and associates at 3XY Greek Media Productions, we’ve got the opportunity, once a week, to host amazing conversation and contribute to the ‘Greek voice of Melbourne’ through their famous radio waves.

Our show, accompanied by frequent young and inspiring special guests, has been around for some time- but this year’s edition has a slight twist. Our shows are primarily hosted by the former Vice President of MUNGA – the Melbourne University Greek Association – Dean Kotsianis.

This year Dean has taken it upon himself to revamp the show, trying to encapsulate our values and visions at NUGAS and generate exciting content and consistency.

There is new structure, a new logo and a new approach. Different to previous years, not only are we updating the community on NUGAS Committee news and announcements, we are also endeavouring to explore our Greek-Australian identities, curiosities, issues and controversies.

Dean has managed to incite some exciting conversations in a more sentimental, relatable, and engaging manner than we’ve ever seen.

By doing so, we hope to broaden our demographic, captivating the interests of those ranging from our Papoudes and Yiayiades to fellow univeristy students. We want to establish an inter-generational conversation; we want to talk!

In addition to the live broadcasting on radio, we also offer other modes of access as we think it is essential.

To please our valued audience, we offer a new and improved Facebook live-stream (might be a struggle getting yiayia to work this!) and are even planning on implementing playback audio and podcasting for the best snippets of our shows.

Over the past 10 weeks, our guest list has spanned from Greek University Club presidents, Sydney influentials, Tasmanian devils, Greek product providers, teachers and entrepreneurs! We have even had the pleasure of inviting some Italian friends – “una faccia, una razza” – to compare the nature of the Greek community to that of the Italian community.

Dust off that old radio and don’t forget to tune into 3XY (1422AM), or of course for our millennials, stream online the show on the Ta leme page! Missed the show? No need to fret! You can even listen to all our past shows by subscribing to SoundCloud or by simple scrolling down the page feed!

Tha Ta Poume!

By Eryn Dessiniotis, Nugas Marketing Manager

Dean’s experience, going back to Greece as an adult

The last time I went to Greece was over August-September 2011. I was 13 years old, on a soccer trip with the Melbourne branch of the Panathinaikos FC academy and knew no more about the world than any typical teenager did.

I’d like to think that we all have such specific and amazing stories to share about Greece.
Being Greek Australian and all, it almost seems like our lives’ most special and memorable moments happen there, as if we’re waiting on Greece to finally start living and chasing particular dreams. We’ve all had specific events, memories and journeys take place that can only really take place there. These milestones belong in Greece, and therefore so do we in some capacity, if we didn’t already.

This for me, is a defining mood and privilege of the proud and engaged Greek Australian that is still in touch with their roots. For all those who are yet to venture across the globe to the antipodes, hurry up and go and LIVE Greece, don’t just let it wash over like an effortless shower, there is so much to see beyond the surface, you just have to start digging.

My memories since then have naturally been subject to my own creative license, trying to remember and restore bits and pieces of my experiences with hints of imagination. Going back to Greece on my own accord 8 years later was an experience I’d never quite had before and probably will never have again. According to my family there it was some sort of “Μεγάλη αναμενόμενη επιστροφή” or “long awaited return”, so I had to turn up the energy and try and impress them, see them and accept their gestures and gifts as much as possible.

I had to see as many as I could, which was an effort, especially when Sunday lunches are double booked and Sunday dinners triple booked, but we made it work. My stomach grew in capacity, as did my fat reserves but heck, so did my mindset and appreciation for Greece. There was so much to catch up on in Greece that I simply couldn’t list it… I’ll list it anyway; food, dance, music, language, daily life, simple gestures, subtle mannerisms, hugs, kisses, symbolisms, politics, communities, villages, goals, standards, love, φιλότιμο…

My expectations were many, and most were exceeded.

Although in Australia I used to imagine how good the food would taste and how amazing the beaches were, there is no capacity to imagine the level of hospitality, kind-heartedness and willingness to make things happen for someone who is visiting that I experienced when I was there. Be it asking for directions, a bite so eat, a recommendation or a word of warning for anything in particular, I was granted no less than all they had to offer. This for me is why one should you LIVE and APPRECIATE Greece to their fullest capacity.

Go see Thessaloniki #PAOKARA #OPA