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The ‘Atlantis of Crete’: The sinking village sinks again

The locals call it the “Atlantis of Crete”, as the village of Sfentyli sinks slowly and gradually into the waters coming from the Aposelemis dam.

One part of the Cretan village has sunk completely.

It is characteristic that from the chapel of Agios Theodoros, only the red tile roof and the white cross are above water still.

Two videos shot from a drone show the gradual sinking of the abandoned village. One was shot in the summer of 2018 and the second only days ago.

Sfentyli is only 45 minutes from the island’s capital Heraklion. Cretans call it the sunk village, even though it refuses to sink.

During long draught periods, the buildings emerge again.

In the winter, after heavy rainfalls, when the Aposelemis dam floods, Sfentyli sinks again. But not into obli-vion.