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Pronia Radiothon 2019

Once again the Greeks of Melbourne have given generously.

Members of our community, young and old, contributed as much as they could to 3XY – Pronia Radiothon so that “Pronia” can continue its community services.

The radiothon, conducted on Friday and Saturday in co-operation with 3XY Radio Hellas has raised the sum of $101,695.- .

“Pronia”, as is well known, has supported the Greek community for the last 47 years and continues to offer services to those who need them through its various programs. Its services are provided to children and families, i.e. the core of every healthy society, and extend to care for the elderly and people with special needs, including educating and informing people on new developments and conditions.

“The more we receive from donations, the more we can give to the community, to people of all ages. It is a constant circle of good will and it has helped us continue our work” said Mrs Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos, General Manager of PRONOIA.

We would like to thank 3XY Radio Hellas for its continuous support over the years and particularly Mrs Rena Frangioudaki, who is the voice of “Pronia”.

Our biggest thanks go to the Greek Community that always supports our work!

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