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Nazi salutes, monkey chants: England game stopped as stars cop vile racist abuse

England’s 6-0 win against Bulgaria was temporarily suspended twice after Raheem Sterling and Tyrone Mings were targeted with sick racist abuse by home fans.

Manchester City star Sterling was booed every time he touched the ball as he and Mings were subjected to disgusting monkey noises, while supporters inside the ground were seen doing Nazi salutes.

Mings made a complaint to the assistant referee and England captain Harry Kane with about 30 minutes played in Sofia. Turning to the linesman, Mings said: “Hey, did you hear that?”Kane then went to Croatian referee Ivan Bebek with play stopped for five minutes as an announcement went out around the ground.Following UEFA protocol, the referee told a delegate before an announcement was made to fans went out over loud speakers the game would be suspended again or even completely abandoned if the chanting continued. Just before halftime, the game was halted again, this time for around two minutes.

Bulgarian captain Ivelin Popov could be seen arguing with home supporters at the break, pleading with them to stop the monkey chants and abuse.
Pictures inside the ground showed Bulgarian fans, some dressed fully in black, doing Nazi salutes.
UEFA has a three-step protocol for dealing with racism at matches.
The first is for the referee to ask the stadium announcer to demand supporters stop.
If it continues, the referee can take the players off the pitch and into the dressing room, while another announcement is made.
If that does not stop the abuse, the match will then be abandoned.