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NATO Command in Smyrna congratulates Turkey on the Asia Minor Genocide

NATO congratulated Turkey for the events that led to the Greek & Armenian Genocides – A similar message was posted by NATO last year, but it was deleted after the strong reaction of Athens

In a despicable move, the NATO Land Forces Command (LANDCOM) based in Smyrna (Izmir) in Turkey posted a congratulatory message to Turkey on its X (Twitter) account, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe of 1922, which is celebrated in Turkey as “Victory and Turkish Armed Forces Day“.

A similar message was posted last year on the same day, provoking a strong reaction from Greece, which asked for an explanation and succeeded in deleting the post.

August 30, 2023, Turkey celebrates the so-called “Victory Day”, the anniversary of the Turkish army’s victory over Greek forces in the 1922 Battle of Dublupinar in Asia Minor.

SOURCE: Protothema