Man with 1,925 pairs of cuff links earns Guinness World Record

Feb. 12 (UPI) — An Ontario man with a collection of 1,925 unique pairs of cuff links is being recognized as a Guinness World Record holder after two years of working to verify his accomplishment.

Carl Moulton, pastor of Faith Wesleyan Church in Orangeville, said he received his certificate for having the world’s largest collection of cuff links this week, two years after he initially applied for the record.

“It’s more than just sending in a letter and some pictures. I had to get a jeweller to come in and count them all, and the mayor of the town came and he counted and signed that he counted. The hardest part was I had to give a written description of every cuff link,” Moulton told media.

“I started collecting cuff links about seven years ago. My daughter one day googled the largest collection in the world and she said, ‘Dad you’re not that far away from being the world record holder,’ so I thought let’s go for it then,” he said.

The pastor said he feels his collection is now complete.

“I probably have closer to 3,000 now because I bought somebody’s collection that was 550 in October. But now that I got the certificate, I’m done,” he said.