Little Boy ‘Helps’ Tow His Dad’s Car Out Of Ditch In Adorable Viral Video

Over 1.8 million views for this father son video.

An adorable video that is winning hearts on social media shows a little boy ‘helping’ his father’s car out of a ditch. The video resurfaced online recently and began to gain viral attention after it was re-posted on Twitter by former American basketballer Rex Chapman. 

In the clip, the boy uses his toy car to ‘pull’ his dad’s vehicle out of a ditch. His little car can be seen attached to his father’s vehicle by a length of rope. As he begins ‘driving’, his dad gets into his own car and starts driving too. He even stalls for a few seconds to complete the illusion of being helped out of the ditch by his son. 

The sweet video has earned the father the title of “dad of the year”, but it has also raised safety concerns on social media.

“Dad of the year…” wrote Rex Chapman while sharing the clip on Twitter.

The video has been viewed over 1.8 million times on the microblogging platform, collecting a ton of comments. Opinion on the safety of the stunt has been divided. 

“Not quite, that is reckless, irresponsible and dangerous. I imagine he didn’t mean it that way but it is that way,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“Cute, but a little dangerous,” said another.

Some, however, felt that the stunt was completely safe, and the dad’s gesture heartwarming. 

“I love this… beautiful,” said one, while another added, “This is so sweet.”

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