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Naval Group “technical launch” of the Kimon-class (FDI HN) for the Hellenic Navy

French shipbuilder Naval Group conducted on 28 September 2023 the “technical launch” of the first Kimon-class (FDI HN) for the Hellenic Navy.

The launching ceremony with Greek and French officials will take place on October 4 2023.

The new ship will be the first major surface combatant after 25 years when the last Hydra-class (MEKO 200HN) frigate Salamis was commissioned. The entry into service of Kimon in 2025 will mark the beginning of a new era for Greece’s naval capabilities as several characteristics of the new frigate are introduced for the first time in the Navy.

However, the most crucial addition the new frigate will introduce to the fleet is the integration of the ASTER 30 SAM system paired with the cutting-edge SEAFIRE radar. Boasting an array of state-of-the-art sensors and weapons capable of facilitating a wide spectrum of modern naval operations, the FDI HN unquestionably will be one of the most powerful surface combatants in its class and one of the most sophisticated designs on a global scale. Bringing together the best of naval technologies on a compact platform, the 4,550-ton FDI HN is a powerful, multipurpose and innovative frigate with the highest degrees of automation and control, designed to meet the evolution of threats.