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Should we invite the Armenian refugees of Artsakh to settle in Thrace?

Armenian refugees

Those who welcome millions of illegal economic migrants “refugees” into Greece do not care about real refugees such as the Armenian refugees of Artsakh. Because they don’t get rich from the people smuggling NGO’s. Because they do not serve the demographic change within the nation that serves the purpose of ethnic and cultural dissolution.

There are a series of events that should have been red flags for us one of those is the invite of the Armenian refugees of Artsakh which should remind us that the world is not angelically created and that the form of modern warfare has changed.

Artsakh 2020 – Ukraine 2022 – Artsakh 2023.

We as a nation continue at a pace set by the ideas and directives of ELIAMEP (Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy). Those who see no value in Hellenism and the cultural uniqueness of Greece. Ideas that are influenced by foreign sources are directed at the ethnic and cultural dissolution of a people that have a history of millennia. A people and a culture that has provided humanity and the world’s civilization with the greatest of gems of enlightenment.

The directions of ELIAMEP and the political establishment of Greece today are overwhelmingly influenced and directed by nonnative ideologies. Globalist Ideologies are directed toward the establishment of one gray and indivisible culture. This can only be achieved at the expense of the native cultures that evolved naturally. This is a course toward destruction.

The political establishment continues to support the Illegal Bizonal Bicommunal Federation in Cyprus in contradiction to the referendum held in Cyprus rejecting the Annan Plan and Memorandums of engagement with an intransigent Turkey.

In the Photos and Video above, we see the uprooting of an ancient people from their ancestral homes. Their Government’s mistake was they rested on their laurels after their victory decades ago and because they elected unworthy people to rule them.

In the modern battlefield, which is rapidly changing and constantly evolving, our Armenian brothers, although they fought like lions and honored their uniform and history. The mistakes of their unworthy leaders resulted in Armenian refugees finally being defeated by the Azeris who, the day after their defeat in 1994, chose the right Strategic Objective of the LIBERATION of the lands they lost. The Azeris (as did the ancient Athenians) funneled much of the revenue from the hydrocarbon fields into rebuilding and acquiring state-of-the-art equipment for their Armed Forces with a single purpose. The “Liberation of the lands rightly or wrongly claimed. In the same way, they moved in the field of Politics / Diplomacy by lobbying and building Strategic Alliances which they did not leave to theory but capitalized actively on the field.

Unfortunately, the Armenia/Artsakh-Azerbaijan conflict has innumerable similarities with the Greece/Cyprus-Turkey conflict, the Armenian refugees of Artsakh are reminiscent of the Cyprians and the Micra-Asia refugees. An awakening is needed NOW. It’s long past the time to put away the paper straws of entitlements and so-called international rights. Should we continue to ignore this reality, we as a nation and as inheritors of a history spanning millennia risk experiencing the uprooting of Hellenism from other ancient ancestral homes.

Hellenism has two options. To remain on an organizational level such as the army, police, secret services, defense industry, etc. in infancy and suffer another 74′ or another 1922 or wake up and work hard for its survival, the choice is the examples of Armenia or Israel?

Sovereignty is the only solution.