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Greeks clap in gratitude to doctors and nurses against the coronavirus

Following the example of Spain, Greeks came out in their balconies at 9:00 p.m.

Sunday and clapped in gratitude to doctors and nurses fighting the coronavirus in the country’s hospitals.

The call to action was supported by the wife of the Prime Minister, something that sparked also anger especial among the the medical personnel.

Internet users uploaded videos form their neighborhoods. The clapping was often accompanied by barking as dogs were excited about this late night noise in otherwise quite areas due to Stay Home .
Criticism was not absent, and several Greeks lashed out with bitterness at the failing health care system, suffering from chronic problems that worsened during the economic crisis.
They criticized politicians supporting the action reminding the lay offs of medical and other personnel in 2014 – 7,900 people – when Mitsotakis was minister in charge.
Doctors and nurse posted on the gratitude action:
“Nice action but when we go tomorrow to work we’d need masks and gloves.”
Others lambasted the government planning to proceed with cooperation of public and private health care, largely privatization of the public system, hadn’t it be for the coronavirus.
Of course, we can come out and applaud for doctors, nurse and every hospital personnel fighting against the virus each and every day. However what they need are sustainable jobs, good satisfying salaries, secured labor rights and better working conditions, equipment and certainly more personnel. Not just during the virus crisis.

Source: keeptalkinggreece