Greece proceeds with construction of Evros fence with rapid pace

The construction of a new fence along the Greek-Turkish borders in Evros, “was the least the government could do to provide a sense of security to Greek citizens, whose morale remains high at such a difficult juncture,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Saturday during a visit to Feres in north-eastern Greece.
Construction work is proceeding rapidly, the fence will be completed by April 2021, the Prime Minister said.
The new fence will reportedly be 26 km long and older sections of 10 km are being upgraded.
The fence will consist of a strong metal railing made of steel 5 meters high, while earthworks are being constructed to maintain, upgrade and build new roads for surveillance and maintenance of artificial barriers along the Evros river.

At the same time, the existing fence will be strengthened with the addition on the part of Greece of a continuous strong metal railing, also made of steel, with a total height of 4.3 meters.
In combination, eight new Elevated Anti-Ballistic Observatories will be constructed along the artificial barriers, for use by the Greek Army.
Improvement works will be carried out on 57 existing infrastructures (outposts / observatories), which include construction and electro-mechanical repairs and upgrades.
Citing sources, daily efsyn notes that the fence project entails multiple benefits, as in addition to its main defensive-deterrent character, it will function as a modern flood control project based on the special geomorphology of Evros and on the other hand the respect for local agricultural production.

Source: keeptalkinggreece