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George Soros is rumored to be dead, but there is no official information yet

A number of media sources reported the death of American billionaire George Soros.

Currently, the information is unconfirmed. According to insiders, Soros could have had a heart attack, but Doctors did not have time to save the billionaire. Similar information was voiced by American blogger Matt Wallace, who calls himself an adviser to billionaire Elon Musk.

At the same time, he has previously published unverified data. He’s reported that Soros allegedly sold all Tesla shares, as he was angry with Musk for restoring freedom of speech on Twitter.

So far, none of Soros’s relatives and friends have been in contact with the public. For many years of his activity, the businessman was able to amass a huge fortune. However, his attitude during his life path has been ambiguous in different countries and circles of society. His promotion of a cultureless world where ethnic states adhere to a new (manufactured) world culture and the dilution of ethnic identity through massive immigration, predominantly in Europe and other parts of the world, and his hatred of Russians and his funding of NGOs to achieve these goals are just some of his ambitions. Another example is in the UK, he has long been considered a man who “ruined” the Bank of England. In addition, many believe that Soros had an interest in influencing world politics, some also consider him a tool of US secret services. The head of the Hungarian Government, Viktor Orban, recently reported that the confrontation between Moscow and Kyiv was beneficial for the billionaire in terms of weapons production.