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Forgotten sculpture of Alexander the Great found in Greek museum’s storage

An ancient sculpture of Alexander the Great was recently discovered in a Greek museum’s storage room, a leading archaeologist revealed recently on Facebook.

Angeliki Kottaridi said the sculptural portrait of the Macedonian king had been forgotten for years in the warehouses of the Archaeological Museum in the town of Veria, in northern Greece.

She added that this “brand new” portrait of Alexander the Great is unknown to archaeologists and historians.

“It was lost for decades, hidden in a dark corner of the warehouse amidst pottery cages and dirt,” Kottaridi stated in amazement.

The sculpture was first discovered decades ago in rubble near the town of Veria.

The priceless object was basically discovered all over again just a few weeks ago, as staff were cleaning the storage room of the museum.

Kottaridi announced that the re-discovered Alexander will feature in a major exhibition scheduled for 2020 at the Aigai Museum.

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