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Athens under snow – striking images of unusual cold front

IMAGES: Daily Digest

Source: The Daily Digest

Athens under a blanket of snow

January 2022 has offered the world a beautiful image: the Parthenon in Athens covered in snow. Beautiful – yet extremely uncommon. The cold front that has hit Greece and Turkey has been a surprise to many.


The name of the storm causing this snowy landscape is Elpis. And the authorities warned that it would affect everyday life. Yet many Athenians have had a smile on their faces. The spectacle of snow almost always cheers people up.

Transport issues

Obviously, the snow has meant that trams, trains and other means of transport have been disrupted. The taverns in the Plaka district of Athens have had to cease operations for a few hours.

Snow-capped capitals

The classical architecture and historical ruins that can be found all over the city of Athens have been given an unusual, yet stunning embellishment.

Climate change?

Although there have been other occasions when cold and snow have hit Greece, experts say that such extreme weather events are becoming more frequent – and this is due to climate change.

Difficulties for a country not used to snow

And when snow falls in great amounts in a Mediterranean country – specifically one that is not used to this kind of phenomenon – there are usually a number of problems. Daily life is almost certainly disrupted for many.

Fascinating scenery

Despite disruptions, there is something hypnotic and peaceful about snowy images of cities as beautiful as Athens.