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A Liberals and Nationals Government will end the state of emergency

“Victorians must regain control of their lives” is the central message of the leader of the Victorian opposition Matthew Guy in a statement which constitutes his response to the recent extension of the pandemic laws. In his response Mr Guy states the following:

Victorians deserve to have control of their lives handed back. Today’s extension of state of emergency laws shows Daniel Andrews has no intention of doing that.Extending these laws means a longer, slower road to recovery. The threat of mandates, lockdowns and restrictions remain, which overshadows efforts for us to recover.

Emergency powers hurt confidence. They hurt our ability to get back on track. But they play second to a Premier with a lust for power and control. It’s time to end the state of emergency. It’s time to end mandates outside of the health and aged care sector.It’s time to give Victorians back the certainty and confidence to move on with their lives. This Premier lies, berates and misleads Victorians. We all deserve so much better than that.

Only a Liberals and Nationals Government will end the state of emergency and repeal Daniel Andrews’ pandemic laws to give Victorians back control of their own lives.


Leader of the Liberal Party

Leader of the Victorian Opposition