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16 hours from Australia to Greece may become a reality with Qantas

Source: Greekcitytimes

Qantas has launched direct flights between Australia and Europe with non-stop routes becoming available between Perth to Rome.

The new route will be the only direct flight between Australia and continental Europe offered by any airline and is estimated to take 16 hours.

Qantas’ latest non-stop flight between Australia and Europe took off on June 22nd following massive anticipation. The flight is notable not just for being a non-stop connection between Perth and Rome but also for marking Qantas’ return to Italy after more than a decade and a half.

The new 16 hour route, could be a game changer for a potential flight route to Greece which would translate to less 16 hours from Perth, Australia to Athens, Greece.

An overnight stay in Perth from Sydney or Melbourne is much more convenient and comfortable given that you’re in your own country still, rather than doing these extra hours as an inconvenient stop-over in a foreign country whilst in transit.